Custom Pieces


Looking for something specific you can’t find in stores to match your space perfectly? We offer custom creations! These include family name signs, favourite scriptures, or quotes that have special meaning to you. We allow you to choose size, colors, and style of lettering (from our options). The more specific the better!

We bring new life to old boards! Our signs are hand-painted, using reclaimed wood found mostly around us from the farms of Slate River Valley, Thunder Bay, ON! These antique boards add unique detail to your piece

Samples of sizes, wood options, colours, and font colours coming soon! Until then, click the “request a quote button” & we will discuss your request via email. Pricing depends on the size of the sign and the amount of wording. (See our standard size/ wording price lists, coming soon). If you have an example of your thoughts in mind, or photos of the space you’d like it to match, send them along and we will give some suggestions. Usually we pick the fonts that best describe the artwork, but if you have one in mind or a general idea, let us know, we can also send along a list of a few fonts to choose from upon request.

We will then email you a quote to be paid by e-transfer. For custom orders we require payment in full on ordering. Turnaround times vary..

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Samples of sizes, wood options, colours, and font colours coming soon! (Beware that because we use old wood, the different woods each take the colours a little different so colours may vary slightly).



Reclaimed Rustic Price Lists

We us a lot of reclaimed lumber, so please specify if you need it to be NEW lumber and price will be adjusted accordingly.

Wood is available as: 1) One solid plank- would be new lumber
2) Boards joined, typically running horizontal. Please specify if you want them vertical.
3) Circles are always boards joined of either above options.
4) Weathered authentic barn wood available for an added $3.50/board foot of sign compared to pricing with our regular reclaimed wood.

Wooden Sign Prices
All sizes are approximate and will vary slightly depending on widths of boards available. Please specify if your measurements NEED to be exact. No taxes on these Prices.
Below prices are for STANDARD signs, if your sign includes more than 4 lines of words small fee will be added for the extra paint time
Extra $5 charge on signs with images in background (2 step process).
8”x 10” designs starting at $35. Framing adds 2” to both dimensions of sign & adds $10-15 to all signs below
8”x 16” designs starting at $35-40
12×12” starting at $35-40. Framing adds $10 & 2” to dimensions to all sizes below.
sets of 3 of any size price drop to $10 less/sign
12”x18” starting at $50
18”x18” starting at $70
12”x 24” starting at $65-70
18”x 24” starting at $80
24”x24” starting at $90
24”x 30” $105-$115
24”x36” $115-135
30”x30” $115-135
30”x 36” $135-155
36”x36” starting at $160-190
Small charge for custom colours or paints other than our standard colours (we have a lot of options for no extra charge).
Email me for a custom size quote

Welcome Signs- 11”W x 3’H= $60 (avail. in light, medium, or dark brown stain, grey stain, or white outdoor paint. Sealed for outdoors. Lettering available in black, white or custom colour for $5)

Circular Sign Prices (all sizes are diameter)
12” -$75
15”- $85
18”- $95
24”- $110
Circles with letter cut out of wood rather than painted add $25 to price

Clock Prices (all sized are diameter)
We provide two types of clocks, spool clocks, or clocks cut from wood (check clock section in “gallery” tab for pictures). Sizes are as follows for clocks cut from wood. Spool clocks are $15 less per size (than below prices) and only available in current stocked sizes at that time. We also provide square clocks in the following sizes for $10 less/size than the following circle prices.
15” $105
18” $120
24” $145
30” $180
36” $215
40” $260
Custom quote or family name painted on adds $20
Numbers available as Roman Numerals or Numbers. Fonts & numbers avail in white or black or grey.
Check my sample swatches to pick your finish.

Wedding Guest Books
Made of Reclaimed wood, come with a small heart and Bride & Grooms Names inside. Available in 3 sizes. Guests sign with sharpies or paint pens. Pick your size based on # of guests attending. Available in any of our stain swatches.
Small- 15” x15” $55 (recommended for under 100 guests)
Medium- 18” x 18” $65 (recommended for 100-150 guests)
Large- 22”x22” $75 (recommended for 150-180 guests)
XL- 25×25+ (according to guests 180+)-$85
Custom size upon request
Guest books can be framed for $10-15. See examples in our gallery of Facebook page!

Growth Rulers
Regular design $60 (ticks and numbers in black) Choose stain from our colour swatches.
Personalize with just the last name $15, or child’s name and birthdate $20, $5 per additional child’s info
All information will come standard black unless specified otherwise.

Vintage Window Designs
Please contact me for current window sizes available but most are 1 pane or 3 panes & approx 28-35” long. Windows start at $55 and then $20 per pane of design being applied.
See Examples in our Gallery.

For a custom request please first decide the size you’d like & the wording & then fill out my (ORDER FORM)
60% deposit is required by e.transfer to to place your order and hold your spot. Remainder may be paid cash, cheque or E.transfer on or before pickup.
Turnaround times vary but are typically 3 weeks from ordering.